Choosing the right B2B agency to build your lead generation website

In this blog, we give advice on how to create a lead generation website via the right website design company for your business. Read more...

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Published: 09 Nov 2021

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Choosing the right B2B agency to build your lead generation website

So you’ve decided you need a new website - but what now? Sure, you understand that updating your online presence can improve your lead quality, boost traffic, and create a stronger brand, but remember that there’s no shame in needing a hand from a website design agency every once in a while.

If built correctly, your website is the key to success. In this blog, we give advice on how to create a lead generation website via the right website design company for your business - helping you reach your website redesign goals.


Why should you choose a lead generation agency to design and build your B2B website?

Not all website design agencies are focused on lead generation, but instead solely on the design process. However, there are lead generation agencies that offer a website design service. This is more than ideal, as your website will be created with your conversion goals and the buyer at the forefront of their mind. 

Deciding to use a lead generation agency to design and build your B2B website opens doors to the incorporation of all of the essential elements necessary for successful lead generation, including:


Remarkable, relevant content

The content on your website needs to speak to your buyers on a personal and contextual level, while also nurturing them to the next stage of the customer journey - which will be second nature to a lead generation agency.


Utilisation of social media

While you do want your website to perform well organically, sometimes you need to boost your site traffic by promoting your brand online. A lead generation agency will be able to identify which online spaces to use and target buyers with personalised messages, ultimately driving traffic to your website and converting leads.


Implementation of SEO

An SEO strategy is key if you want your website to be found via search engines. A lead generation agency will help you implement an SEO strategy during your website redesign project, ensuring optimisation of all pages on your website.

Remember: Google’s Hummingbird algorithm has changed how people search for information online and now aims to provide the closest match to a user’s question. As search engine queries become longer, your SEO strategy needs to be tweaked to match.


Landing pages that convert visitors into leads

A lead generation agency will make sure that your website’s landing pages are designed and built in a way that increases the rate of conversion. Through removing site navigation, ensuring concise forms, and offering valuable assets, your lead generation will skyrocket.


Mobile optimisation

More people than ever are using their mobile devices to browse the internet, so a website optimised for mobile use is key to converting visitors into buyers. A lead generation agency will have the user’s journey at the forefront of their minds when designing your website.


How to actually choose the right lead generation agency to build your B2B website

Now that you are aware of some of the amazing benefits to choosing a lead generation agency to design and build your website, you may be wondering; how do I know which website design agency to select? Choosing from the vast array of UK lead generation agencies can prove difficult, but one that can effectively represent your brand and create an efficient site can be found by asking a series of questions.


Which Content Management System (CMS) do they use?

The CMS that the website design agency uses is key to scoping exactly how secure, flexible, and up-to-date your website will be. While there are so many choices when it comes to a website CMS, there are advantages and disadvantages to all options. 

Our best friend, HubSpot, allows for a truly bespoke offering, with drag and drop functionality when building your website. When choosing a CMS, be sure to check that it is a platform you will be able to easily maintain without having to call your developer every time!


How will they ensure website accessibility?

A responsive website is key for ensuring happy customers that aren’t put off by a poor build.

Your new website should be built so that it’s easy to use on a range of different screen sizes, browsers, and devices, and any good website design agency should automatically incorporate this into their design process. Furthermore, the speed of your site will have a devastating impact on SEO and customer engagement if uncompressed images are slowing it down.


Do they have a user journey in mind throughout the process?

Starting with a detailed planning stage, your chosen agency should discuss your business, customers, and competitors with all areas of your business (i.e. marketing and sales), taking time to understand your goals before moving onto the design process.

User journey should be at the forefront of a lead generation agency’s website design process, and when deciding on an agency, don’t be afraid to ask for examples of their past work. Most website design processes tend to be quite fragmented due to the number of different aspects involved, however, the most beneficial process is a collaborative one. So, look for a lead generation-focused website design agency that offers a holistic view of your current website and determine how they can improve conversions.


do they have in-house content creators, designers, and developers?

A website redesign is a great opportunity to refresh your existing content, as when your site structure has changed, your content often becomes out of date. Ideally, your content creation should be part of a wider marketing strategy, so that it fits with your marketing and sales goals - with SEO, user journeys, and buyer personas taken into account.

With a full team of in-house experts, from design to development and content, their knowledge is readily available. Additionally, it wouldn’t hurt to ask if they have a UX person on their team to map out the user journey and cement the foundation of your new, shiny website.


Other factors that will influence your decision...

  • Can they meet your deadlines?
  • What’s their flexibility like?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Can they provide support after your website goes live?


Should you keep these considerations in mind when choosing your website design agency for your B2B business, you will reap the rewards from working with a partner who can help design and build a website that will improve your lead generation efforts.

Axon Garside is a B2B website design agency and platinum HubSpot partner. Tech, industrial and professional service firms work with us to generate more leads, close more opportunities and create more advocates for their business through their websites. We’ve created a helpful template to help you put your website brief together for your developer - try it out below! We’ve put together the important questions to ask yourself, your company, and your new lead generation agency throughout the design process, to help you achieve your website goals.


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