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B2B inbound marketing

It's always easier to sell to someone who has found you rather than someone who you interrupt. And today people find much of what they are looking for online. Inbound marketing is a strategy that matches marketing to the way people in B2B buy today - online and personal; focused on solving problems and timed to when it suits the buyer and not when it suits the seller.
That’s why it is more effective, costs less and has proven results.

Change the terms of engagement. Get your ideal buyer to come to you, engage with you, buy from you, and be happy with you

Content that has been carefully aligned to the customer’s interests features throughout our process and we put our client’s website is at the centre of our four stage inbound marketing methodology

inbound marketing methodology

1. Attract

We create blog posts, ebooks, videos, and other content that answers questions your prospects are asking. We’ll optimise the content for search engines (SEO) and share it on social media to create an audience.

2. Convert

Website traffic is turned from anonymous visitors into leads with relevant downloadable offers, advertised through well-placed calls to action and placed behind forms on landing pages designed to promote valuable material.

3. Close

Leads are turned into sales-ready opportunities through follow-up information that guides the reader from the point where they recognise a need to the point when they are ready to speak to sales - nowadays 70% + of the way through the buyer journey. That's when inbound sales comes in.

4. Delight

We help your leads become delighted customers. Using HubSpot your sales and service teams can identify the information that leads and customers have shared with you so you can help them achieve the goals that matter most to them.

A strategy not just a tactic

Almost every B2B marketer has focused on SEO, social media, content marketing or website re-design at some point. Few have achieved the ROI that they were looking for. Our inbound marketing packages use all these tactics and more but as part of an integrated approach that is measurable, transparent and optimised from first engagement to first order through use of HubSpot - the world’s most advanced marketing software.

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