8 Examples of the Best B2B Websites in 2020

Check out what we think some of the best, most functional websites of 2020 were with our blog 8 examples of the best B2B websites of 2020.

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Published: 11 Dec 2020

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8 Examples of the Best B2B Websites in 2020

If you’re looking to make your B2B website as modern and effective as possible, you need to understand what a good website looks and functions like. We think the best way of determining what makes a great design is to look at some of the top B2B sites as examples. So let’s get right into it - here are our 7 examples of some of the best B2B websites in 2020. 


hotjar website

Hotjar’s homepage displays a wealth of logos of not only their multitude of clients but (perhaps most interestingly) the various platforms and systems the product is optimised for. This is a double-whammy of value. In addition to showing their extensive list of clients, Hotjar allows you to see immediately that it will work on your chosen software - addressing user concerns straight out of the gate.

The homepage also features a scroller of client video case studies, and simple, clean tiles with their accreditations and features - what more could you ask for!



We’re not just saying this as a HubSpot Diamond Partner - there’s a good reason HubSpot are one of the top B2B CRM providers; they understand what makes a great B2B website that generates results. 


HubSpot’s website provides clear, easy to understand information on the various packages they offer, what you get with them, and how much they cost. This is simply great service and allows users to formulate ideas before enquiring. It’s made even easier for users through HubSpot’s helpful chatbot in the corner, which makes finding the information you need straightforward (for more information on how chatbots can increase conversion rates on your B2B website, check out our blog.

One of this website’s greatest strengths is the wealth of content and resources it boasts. No matter what information or advice users are looking for, HubSpot probably has a resource. Not to mention the extensive training programmes to get users and prospects fully acquainted with the platform..



Grammarly’s website boasts a sleek, minimalist design with bright colours, well spaced out assets, and simple language that gets straight to the point. This makes the tool’s benefits and purpose really easy to understand right away, and doesn’t waste the users’ time. The homepage is uncluttered, and even features a testimonial, which is a great way of showing quality of service from the get-go.

grammarly homepage-1

Also, when you’ve logged in, you’re sent straight to the writing tool, which is brilliant for quick, easy, and accessible use and makes for excellent UX. 



The instant messaging tool Slack, (which at the time of writing has just been purchased by Salesforce for over $27 billion), features a website with some nice looking graphics, plenty of resources and client testimonials and logos right there on the homepage.  


Perhaps the coolest feature of Slack’s website is the app tester module that sits neatly on the homepage, and allows visitors to test out the app’s interface and functionality right there and then - without having to leave the page. This is just great UX, and immediately shows the value of their product.



Perhaps Trello’s most interesting feature for a B2B website is its distinct lack of a navigation bar, instead opting for a replacement at the very bottom of the page. This is a brave choice that’s certainly not suited for every B2B website, but definitely serves its purpose here. It allows  users to focus entirely on the homepage’s content, which itself is clear, with simple language that shows off everything you need to know about the product at a glance - including its features and a visual demonstration of how it works. Add in a simple, enticing CTA in the header, and what you’ve got is a very interesting, very effective B2B website. 

Once logged in, Trello’s website has a clear button in the corner to go straight to your boards, which is an appreciated UX feature. 



Interestingly, in addition to displaying a selection of awards and, Hootsuite’s homepage also provides information on the various sectors and industries that their product services. This is a relatively uncommon feature of a homepage, but one that is very useful and engaging to users, especially those who might be sceptical of the product’s relevance to their business.


Through the navigation, this website also provides high-value resources and educational material, with courses and certifications available to enrol on - solidly positioning them as a source of expert knowledge, which is great for B2B branding. From a conversion standpoint, the homepage itself also starts and ends with a simple, enticing CTA for a free trial, which is the perfect combination of low commitment, high relevance, and high value for users.


Axon Garside

We know that it might be considered a little bit guache to mention our own website in this list but it was created in 2020 and we're very proud of it. It's striking without being overbearing. It's easy to navigate and it's pretty good at attracting people to it... after all, you're reading this now. 

Axon Homepage

As HubSpot Diamond Partners with extensive experience developing powerful B2B websites, we're fortunate to be able to showcase our capabilities on our own website.

So, what about your website?

All of the sites listed above use a combination of best practices for a B2B website that converts, including sleek, simple designs, enticing CTAs, and a wealth of relevant key information. 

If you like the look of these sites and want to implement some of these features on your own website, check out our low cost tips for improving your B2B website for the ‘new normal’.

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