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4x year on year increase in online revenues

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As genuine thought leaders in their industry, Huthwaite International had a huge archive of informative content and plenty of visitors to the site, but weren’t converting traffic into enough quality leads. 


By focusing on the real needs and challenges of their personas, Axon Garside worked alongside Huthwaite International to design an effective buyer’s journey and optimise this content for conversion. 


In just one year, we helped Huthwaite International increase their online revenue by 433%, bringing in an extra 1,000 leads a year, and almost tripling their customers.


increase in landing page views over 1 year


increase in conversions on landing pages


increase in contacts generated from the website (with minimal traffic increase)


increase in leads generated from 2018 to 2019

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Huthwaite International are a leading training provider, teaching organisations around the world to sell, communicate and negotiate to the highest standards. Founded by Neil Rackham, the creator of SPIN Selling, Huthwaite uses original research insights to help organisations permanently change the behaviour of their sales teams.  

Why did Huthwaite choose Axon Garside?

As existing HubSpot users, Huthwaite were initially looking for a HubSpot partner to offer them a flexible inbound marketing support package, which would allow them to continue working with various other marketing agencies. 

Huthwaite’s intention was always to grow their support package piece-by-piece, allowing them to continue their existing relationships. Huthwaite approached Axon Garside after being frustrated by the lack of flexibility offered by other HubSpot partners. 

ricky headshot
We spoke to several other HubSpot partners, and none of them would talk to us unless we backed out of our existing commitments. Axon Garside were far more flexible, and they enabled us to grow our relationship over time

Ricky Brown
Marketing manager at Huthwaite International

What were Huthwaite’s main challenges?

As an organisation built on research, Huthwaite International had a wide range of extremely in-depth, industry-leading content, promoted through a mixture of organic, PPC and paid social advertising.

While the site traffic was high, not many of these visitors were moving down the sales funnel to become good-quality leads and, eventually, customers. As Ricky notes:

“We wanted to have more engaged conversations with our customers at different stages of the buying cycle and nurture people more effectively down the funnel”.


Ricky Brown, Marketing Manager

How did Axon Garside approach this challenge?

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With such a rich content archive, Axon Garside started by repositioning this content into a new buyer’s journey. While Huthwaite International already had clearly-defined buyer personas, the first step was to map the different needs and challenges of these personas across the three stages of our buyer’s journey: awareness, consideration and decision. 

This process was not just about identifying customers’ requirements, but to truly understand the journey a person goes through before making a buying decision. By unpacking this journey, we were able to work collaboratively with Huthwaite to map existing content and help nurture visitors more effectively. 

What were the results?

Through a strategic mix of content optimisation, CRO, SEO, and other inbound marketing tactics, Axon Garside helped increase Huthwaite International’s online revenue by 433% in one year. 

In addition to increasing revenue, our approach also enabled Huthwaite to grow their organic profile, becoming less reliant on paid advertising to drive traffic to the site. This not only reduced bottom-line ad spend, but brought more relevant, engaged visitors to Huthwaite’s site, leading to more qualified leads being generated and, ultimately, more customers.

“When we can attribute revenue to the leads and enquiries we’re getting, it helps us to see marketing in an entirely different light. We can look at marketing not only as an exercise that helps us generate leads and enquiries, but we can actually see the impact we’ve had on the bottom line of the business”. 


increase in customers from 2018 to 2019


increase in online revenue in
one year

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