Why choose a lead generation agency to design & build your B2B website

Choosing a lead generation agency to design and build your website ensures that your website includes essential ingredients for successful lead generation.

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Published: 08 Oct 2018

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Why choose a lead generation agency to design & build your B2B website

Your B2B website should be a vital part of your lead generation strategy. However, if your current website isn’t performing as well as you’d like, you may be thinking that now is a good time for a redesign project. Choosing a lead generation agency to design and build your website means that you’ll actually be incorporating all of the essential ingredients needed for successful lead generation including:

Writing remarkable, relevant content

In order to create a website that is effective and successful at generating leads, you need to think about your content. These days, more and more B2B buyers are looking for well-written, credible content. However, you need to ensure that your content is actually helpful in solving the particular pains and challenges of your buyers.

A lead generation agency will help you to ensure that your content is both remarkable and relevant - it needs to speak to your buyers on a personal and contextual level, but it must also be able to nurture your buyers to the next stage of the customer journey.

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Utilising social media

Why is social media on a list about B2B website designs? Lead generation agencies make a point of utilising social media when it comes to generating leads for your website. While you do want your website to perform well organically, sometimes you need to help it along by promoting your brand online.

This is where social media comes in. A lead generation agency will be able to identify where your prospective buyers hang out in online spaces, such as LinkedIn groups and will specifically target them with personalised messages and offers to draw them to your website. This will help to create new audiences for your brand and bring awareness to new content and resources - driving traffic to your website.

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Implementing SEO

One of the most important things a website needs to do is to be found. There’s still a question of whether or not businesses need to be doing SEO and how relevant it is in the scope of Google’s ever-evolving algorithms.

However, as a lead generation agency, we’ll tell you that it still matters but you now need to consider “user search intent”. Google’s Hummingbird algorithm has changed the way we need to think about how people search for information online and will now aim to provide the closest match to a user’s question. As search engine queries become longer, your SEO strategy needs to be tweaked to match.

A lead generation agency will help you put together an SEO strategy during your website redesign project and will work to implement it to ensure all your website pages are fully optimised.

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Creating landing pages that convert

The goal of your website is to attract visitors, turn those visitors into leads and finally, convert them into sales. The way to do this is through a landing page. The goal of your landing page should be to capture a prospects’ information that you can then nurture into a sales-ready lead. A lead generation agency will make sure that your landing page is designed and built in a way that is best for conversion. Here are the key elements that they should consider when creating landing pages that successfully convert:

Get rid of the website navigation - you want visitors to stay on the page as long as you can, so don’t tempt them with links to somewhere else.

Make sure forms aren’t too long - you need to create the perfect balance between whatever download you’re tempting your visitor with, vs. how much information you really require from them at this stage, therefore keeps the forms short and sweet.

Make your visitor see the value in your offer - if they arrived on your page after clicking on a call-to-action, it’s likely that they’ve been sold on what you were promising. So make sure this value is reflected consistently in the messaging on your landing page as well.

Read our blog to learn what makes HubSpot such a robust landing page platform.

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Optimising for mobile

Earlier this year, Google announced that it was to start focusing on mobile-first indexing. This is largely down to the fact that more people are using mobile compared to desktops to search and so Google wanted to start providing users with better mobile experiences. While a web design agency would (and should) definitely be building your website in a way that is responsive for mobile, it’s unlikely that they won’t be thinking of your user’s journey as part of your website redesign.

A lead generation agency, on the other hand, will have your buyer at the forefront of everything they do, including designing and building a website that places them at the centre.

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When you choose a lead generation agency to design and build your B2B website, you can be sure that your website will not only look great, but will include those vital elements that make your website what it should be - a lead generating machine.

Unsure of what your website project needs to include before you begin your redesign journey? Download our free Website Project Checklist to make sure you don’t miss any vital elements.

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