How much does HubSpot CRM training cost?

Considering training for your team on how to use HubSpot but not sure how much it's likely to cost? We've got the answers in this useful blog - enjoy!

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Published: 01 Aug 2020

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How much does HubSpot CRM training cost? | Axon Garside

If you’re already working with HubSpot, then you know how important it is to know exactly how to use the CRM and make the most out of it. To do this, you need to make sure that your team is accurately trained on every aspect of the tool, including the more complex features, and that they know about the latest, greatest features to hit HubSpot. 

What is HubSpot CRM training?

When it comes to HubSpot CRM, onboarding is just the beginning. With the tool frequently updating, it's crucial to ensure that your team's HubSpot CRM training remains current. This necessitates a dedicated training schedule, and for optimal results, it's worthwhile to explore external training options.

Participating in a HubSpot CRM training course offers a valuable opportunity to refresh your team's existing knowledge while also gaining practical real-world insights and strategies to leverage the CRM for your business. Attending such a course isn't solely about staying informed of updates; it's a fantastic way to explore new ideas, set goals, and gain a deeper understanding of how HubSpot CRM can empower you to achieve your objectives.

Which training do you need? 

If you’re reading this, then you’ve likely already gone through onboarding, and know exactly what that course entails. HubSpot training courses take a slightly different approach. Whereas onboarding is a 10-12 week process (depending on which partner you go with), a HubSpot refresher training course usually only takes 1-3 days, where your team can either engage in classroom-based or virtual training using HubSpot's Academy. 

If you choose to take on training directly from HubSpot, these are broken down into different areas. You can train in marketing fundamentals, sales fundamentals, alignment or account management, and each one is going to set you back between £400-£900 per person

HubSpot partners have a slightly different offering. Their training courses are usually split differently, and you can get specific training on a range of different parts of HubSpot. We offer HubSpot training split into skill levels, called Starter and Accelerator training. Doing this means that we can tailor training to your team’s skill level, and either provide an introduction to what they need to know about HubSpot, or delve into more complex topics. Our courses start at £350 per person

How can I get it cheaper? 

There’s a sad answer to this question - you can’t. Well, not really. HubSpot doesn’t tend to offer discounts or deals on their software, or their courses, so if you decide to go the route of straight to the supplier, you pay a pretty fixed price. 

The only way to really get your training cheaper is to look for the training you actually need, and then shop around with a couple of different HubSpot partners to see what prices they offer. Take into account travel time if they don’t offer virtual training, how many staff actually need to be trained, and if they require you to have any specific hub in order to book. Once you’ve weighed up all of the factors and checked out a few prices, you’re likely to be able to get a good deal, based on your business needs. 

Alternatively, if you want to upskill your team quickly, we offer comprehensive HubSpot CRM training tailored to your needs.

Our team of experts will guide you through every aspect of CRM implementation, ensuring that you maximise the potential of this powerful tool. With our training, you'll gain the skills and knowledge required to harness HubSpot CRM's full capabilities, helping you drive growth, improve efficiency, and align processes within your HubSpot instance.

Invest in your team's success today with our HubSpot CRM training and unlock the true potential of your CRM implementation.



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