How to Decide if you Should Work with a HubSpot Partner

Discover how choosing a HubSpot partner as your marketing agency can help you to initiate more effective and results-driven inbound marketing.

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Published: 19 Aug 2015

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How to Decide if you Should Work with a HubSpot Partner | Axon Garside

After making the strategic decision to outsource your marketing to an agency, actually choosing one can be daunting.

To get the most out of your marketing activity and to see results, you need a HubSpot partner that specialises in inbound marketing and has the experience to effectively use HubSpot’s complex tools. Don’t just take our word for it, carry on reading to discover why you should choose a UK HubSpot partner as your marketing agency.

Access to inbound marketing expertise and technology

As you know, operating a successful inbound marketing strategy requires both time and expertise. With many moving parts involved, inbound marketing can go very wrong when in inexperienced hands. Inbound marketing also requires significant time investment – it isn’t simply a case of firing out a few promotional blogs now and then.

To effectively engage with the B2B buyer, marketers need to consistently nurture them with educational content that helps them progress through the sales funnel. Many in-house marketing teams simply don’t have the time to create complex workflows and constantly refine and test components such as calls to action and landing pages.

By entrusting a HubSpot partner, you will have access to a specialist team who live and breathe HubSpot and who have vast experience in best practice and methods to achieve high quality leads. 

To achieve the status of a HubSpot partner, an agency must have proven experience and results in inbound marketing, which is carefully assessed by HubSpot. When determining who qualifies as a partner, HubSpot only acknowledges agencies who have “executed inbound marketing services to the highest standards”, taking into consideration monthly recurring revenue (MRR) acquired and managed, retention, software engagement and actual inbound marketing success. Therefore, you can rest assured that a HubSpot partner is equipped with the proven expertise to create an effective inbound marketing strategy. 

Operate marketing automation effectively 

To be truly successful in inbound marketing and HubSpot, a clear understanding and knowledge of marketing automation tools is essential.

Marketing automation enables lead nurturing to be implemented easily and strategically. A HubSpot partner can group specific marketing activity together into one campaign and assign automated emails and workflows, creating an ongoing and consistent lead nurturing process. Once in place, these workflows continually work for your business, bringing in a constant flow of quality leads by supplying them with on-going content.

Marketing automation, however, isn’t a one-off activity. As time progresses, you need to be able to assess strengths and weaknesses within the workflow. For example, you would need to be able to identify if a call to action isn’t enticing enough, or a content download isn’t valuable enough to warrant the information you’re asking for from a prospect. Once again, this requires consistent evaluation and knowledge of best inbound marketing practice. By identifying weaknesses in your inbound strategy, a partner will be able to continually improve and fine tune your marketing strategy.

If a weakness in a workflow isn’t effectively identified, it can impact the overhaul success of a campaign, bringing lead generation to a halt.

Ability to qualify leads and prove ROI

Proving ROI from inbound marketing to senior colleagues and decision-makers is the biggest challenge for 30% of marketers. Even when you have the necessary tools to analyse the success of your marketing activity, these tools are useless if you don’t have the knowledge to use them.

By choosing a partner, you will have access to your agency’s expertise on how to best use them. HubSpot can track the journey a prospect takes once on your site, measuring where they came from, the pages they visit, the content they download and forms they fill out on their way to becoming a lead. Armed with this information, your agency will be able to confidently tell you a lead’s source, the pages they visited and the point they converted into a lead. With this analytical insight, you will be able to assign leads and customers won to specific marketing activity – successfully proving the ROI from your marketing activity. 

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We’re proud to be recognised as one of the first agencies to become a Hubspot partner in the UK, receiving our gold status earlier this year. Being a diamond-tiered agency proves that we’re delivering on key objectives, creating exceptional inbound marketing campaigns and generating a high volume of sales-ready inbound leads for our clients.

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