B2B inbound and social sales training

Inbound sales help fast-growing IT, professional services and other companies align the way that they sell with the way that businesses now buy products and services.

Inbound salespeople recognise that the power has shifted from seller to buyer because the web has given the buyer the opportunity to be better informed than ever before – at every stage of the buying process. In fact, recent research shows that 67% of B2B the buyer journey is now typically carried out online - without speaking to a salesperson.

The benefits of inbound sales

Boosts team productivity and reduces the cost of sales - Shortens sales cycles - Improves lead > customer conversion rates - Increases deal size - Reduces cost per acquisition (CPA) - Increases buyer engagement

Read our guide, 'The Inbound Sales Revolution – An easy guide for IT Resellers', to find out why traditional sales is no longer worth your time.


The inbound sales methodology

Inbound salespeople follow a three step process:

Identify buyer persona pains/challenges and understand the triggers that make those a priority

Use web-based research to focus their time contacting people who they know are likely to require solutions to problems that their products or services address and are ready to buy

Guide the buyer through the buying process with helpful content that addresses buyer information needs at every stage of the process

Our services

We can help your shift to inbound sales by training sales teams on:
How to identify and prioritise leads
How to to interpret sales triggers
When and how to follow-up inbound marketing leads
How to enrich inbound marketing leads to increase conversions
How to use social media to sell
How to streamline the sales process with personalised but automated follow-up

Did you know that 80% of buyers only place an order after at least 5 follow-up calls but that 44% of sales people give up after one call?

Isn’t it time you got started with inbound sales?