Why a HubSpot Partner is the Right Choice as your B2B Marketing Agency

You can buy content marketing tools directly, but to really feel the benefit of such great platforms requires learning the theory first

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Published: 13 Nov 2014

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Why a HubSpot Partner is the Right Choice as your B2B Marketing Agency

 The demise of the desktop machine is well and truly underway, and a massive shift towards mobile devices has brought new requirements from marketing strategies.

For instance, interruption marketing on smaller devices like mobiles and tablets is seen as even more annoying than it ever was on desktops, where larger screen real estate meant that adverts were easier to ignore!

I jest – but in a b2b environment, where your CEO, FD, OD and other board members will tell you “people don't buy our product/services from websites”, the real job of a website is to generate leads. If people don't buy off the page, then it’s pointless sending them round and round your website. In contrast, it’s exceedingly useful if you can create a site that nurtures the lead, informs them of your products and services, and empowers them to make the right choice (i.e. you!)

The problem with B2B companies

Since the web began, there's been disconnect between the way that people are sold to and the way that people want to buy. The 'cold call' of banners that do the selling in a B2C environment, based heavily around offers and price points, just won't cut it when you're talking about complex multi-million pound solutions and services.

Technology companies are an example of where the number of manufacturers and producers of hardware and software services is massively outweighed by the number of vendors, resellers and distributors. This means that it can be an absolute minefield for the consumer to get a clear idea of who they should be working with, when there's so many people seemingly with the exact same offerings.

Their decision will often be made on superficial factors, often price, which doesn’t always result in the best fit and best relationship for either vendor or customer. What's surely better is for the customer to see who you are, what you do, how you do it and who you do it for.

How content marketing can help

The brief of designing a new site often lands on our doorstep, with claims that the old site ‘didn’t work’ but a new fresh design is bound to do the trick - right?

The influx of usable tech that people can have in their hands has created a much more savvy audience, with all the tools at their disposal to sort the wheat from the chaff. A pretty parallax scrolling tour de force is lovely and everything, but it's neither use nor ornament if people can’t find it through organic searches.

This is where content marketing comes in. Through blogs, whitepapers, guides, videos and webinars, you can show your level of expertise in the field, thus gaining authority on the subject matter as far as Google is concerned.

Your search engine results become much more favourable, as the various different search engines trust the content that you are producing, and this in turn gives your site the reputation and page rank it needs to attract, nurture and convert B2B leads to generate and sustain predictable revenues.


When selecting a marketing agency for your marketing services, you'll need to consider if they are focused on an industry that fits with your own brand position. You also need to consider what sort of agency technology will be implemented that can be used going forward to ensure a continued success with your digital marketing.

At Axon Garside, our out and out choice of content marketing tool is HubSpot. It affords us the ability to work closely with our clients on defining potential customer needs and wants, create content related to those needs, track metrics and the paths that visitors take, and populate and replace content within the sales funnel to ensure that visitors become leads and then customers - with as much automation of the process as possible.

You can buy HubSpot directly, but to really feel the benefit of such a great platform, it takes a lot of learning of the theory and how to use the tools. This is why selecting a HubSpot partner to work in conjunction with can really help you exploit the full potential of the platform from day one. There's so many brilliant features within HubSpot, you'll really feel the benefit of working with someone who has hands-on experience of using it and can create the roadmap to success with you.

What you should expect

When you sign up with any partner, you should expect a set of detailed discussions with as many members of your team (and as many members of their team) as possible.

It's so much easier to prosper quickly from your digital marketing if you're clear and focused from the get go, having worked out your goals and strategies before any building of a website begins. It’s much harder to steer the ship onto a completely different course later along when your offerings have been established by the content you've produced, so expect a very close relationship right out of the starting blocks.

Whether your team feels confident about producing content, or they'd just rather provide direction, a good HubSpot partner should be able to provide a supporting role to ensure that you get success from content marketing.

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