Who should write my Content Marketing?

Struggling to decide who should write your content marketing? Our blog will help you make an informed decision.

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Published: 18 Dec 2015

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Who should write my Content Marketing?

So, you’ve decided to do B2B content marketing – great! There’s just one hurdle left to tackle before you can begin crafting educational content that generates quality leads. You must decide who actually writes your content. 

Solution 1: In-house employees 

This is a common scenario for small businesses who might think they don’t have sufficient budget to hire an external marketing agency or an in-house marketing team. Content writing will likely become an ad-hoc operation, performed by team members when they have spare time. Just one problem—these employees aren’t trained writers. Yes, their technical knowledge may be exceptional, but do they have the skills to successfully translate this knowledge into content that prospects can easily digest? Probably not. 

For most B2B businesses, the product or service on offer is very complex. Although you understand your service offering very well (or at least you should), the majority of your prospects will not. Content marketing, therefore, needs to simplify your service while clearly highlighting how it solves prospect pains. For most employees who aren’t trained in marketing, this will be difficult to achieve. 

Furthermore, poorly written content, littered with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors can significantly damage your reputation. While a trained copy writer will likely spot these errors before publication, they may go unnoticed by other employees. 

Solution 2: In-house marketing team  

An ideal solution for many businesses is to hire an in-house marketing team. In-house marketers should have the expertise to write effective content, while also having first-hand experience with your company and your service. However, for most marketing teams, their duties will encompass all aspects of marketing, such as PR, digital and print advertisements. Content writing can therefore be neglected in favour of other more ‘important’ marketing duties. 

The problem is that B2B content marketing isn’t something you can do now and then. To reap the many benefits of content marketing, you need to be posting frequently and consistently. If content marketing isn’t maintained, lead generation can falter and so too can your page ranking. 

In-house marketing can be incredibly costly in comparison to outsourcing, and so a lot of businesses lack enough budget to employ specific content marketers. 

Solution 3: Outsourcing 

Outsourcing to the right marketing agency can be the most cost-effective and rewarding solution to content writing. However, it can also be the most catastrophic, if you choose the wrong agency. 

The wrong agency, in our experience, is an agency that simply does too much. A ‘jack of all trades, master of none’. While they may have experience with a wealth of sectors and industries, they likely lack niche expertise with your specific industry to be able to perform effective content marketing.

The right agency will specialise in your specific industry and have proven success with businesses like your own. Most importantly, a good B2B content marketing agency will actually listen and collaborate with your technical team. As we mentioned, your employees hold the most information and technical knowledge regarding your company (they should anyway – they work there!), so a good content marketing agency will harness this knowledge and use it to create great content that gets your business leads. 

Convinced? Great! Now you just need to find the right marketing agency. Download our handy guide below to find out the best way to find the agency for you. 

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