Optimising your Tinder profile: How to get more “inbound” action

In the world of online dating, it’s important to make sure that you’re attracting the right attention. Learn how to optimise your profile, the inbound way.

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Published: 08 Mar 2020

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Optimising your Tinder profile: How to get more “inbound” action

Okay, we know - this isn’t exactly our regularly scheduled content. But one hot topic in the office this week is online dating, and it has us all thinking - can you run a “dating campaign” in the same way you would an inbound one? And how much crossover is there between the two? 

Let’s find out! We’ve applied some of our best inbound knowledge to getting the most from your Tinder account. You’ll find some helpful tips for your marketing campaign, and might even get a date in the process. 

Know your audience  

This is important - Tinder (or any other dating app) might be full of people with six packs or showing off their best Kim K impersonation, but most of the time these aren’t real people, or they’re just looking for a little attention. It’s time to be realistic about yourself and your goals, and figure out what your audience actually is. In the same way that you would construct a buyer persona, consider your ideal match. Are they tall? Short? Funny? Once you have this in mind, you’ll be able to more effectively search for matches that suit you. 

Remember your SMART goals - even in the world of romance. You need to be specific, and realistic about your efforts. Swiping right on everyone you see isn’t going to result in a lot of matches, especially if you’re punching above your weight. Try not to cast your net too wide, and make sure that you’re choosing matches that are the right fit for you.  

Don’t underestimate the power of images

Beauty is only skin-deep, but unfortunately it’s also the first thing that people see. It doesn’t matter how much effort you’ve put into your content; a low quality, low impact image is going to immediately turn people off. This is as true for your Tinder profile as it is for blogging - one blurry profile image? No chance. Go for high quality, bright images that are exciting to look at. If you’re stuck, there are three Tinder image rules that always seem to pay off - one image of yourself, one with a friend, and one with a cute animal. In just three images, you’ve shown:

  1. That you have friends 
  2. That you aren’t an axe murderer 
  3. What you look like to any potential matches.  

Top Tip: Including a talking point in your photo is a great way to start an initial conversation, but keep it PG - no one wants to see THAT image, trust us. 

Proof your content 

You’re reading a profile, it’s all sounding good, and then - nope, spelling mistake. You swipe left and move on, profile already forgotten. Disqualifying someone due to something this minor would be harsh in real life, but in the low stakes arena of Tinder, it’s pretty common. For this reason, you need to be making sure that you’re proofing your content with the same sharp eye that you would use on your blog. Your blog is a representation of your company, and needs to be on brand and engaging - putting your best foot forward. Your internet dating profile is no different - proof that copy! 

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Engage with new leads 

In inbound marketing, there’s a 10x decrease in your odds of closing a lead if you don’t get in touch within the first five minutes, and this is something that can also apply to your dating strategy. Just matched with someone? Drop them a message! Your aim in marketing, and in dating, is to make sure that you are engaging with the people who want to talk to you. Leaving them ‘on read’, or taking more than a few days to respond, is a big red flag. 

Make the most of integrations

Here at Axon Garside, we’re big fans of a marketing platform that can integrate with the tools you’re already using. Tinder also offers integration, with Facebook and Instagram being the main tools. If you’ve connected your Instagram, then you can show a feed of images on your profile, pulled automatically through to your account. This is a key integration - your Insta account can show more about your personality than your chosen images, and is likely to look more natural to potential matches. However, if you’re using an integration like this, make sure that you have considered your personas, or “ideal match”. If you’re looking for a bit of a foodie, you can optimise for this by posting photos of your meals. After a sporty match? Try posting Instagram pictures of training sessions at the gym, or games you’ve attended, to attract the right kind of person. 

Done optimising your Tinder profile for success? While your phone goes wild, why not consider applying some of these tips for your company marketing strategy? Optimise your images, check over your copy, and make sure that you’re engaging with the right people, at the right time, and you’ll be seeing success at work too, not just in your personal life. We’ve created a helpful guide to inbound to get you started - check it out below!



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