HubSpot Enterprise features update 2020: What’s new in marketing hub

Learn about our favourite new features of HubSpot Enterprise that can help you increase the productivity and effectiveness of your marketing in this blog.

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Published: 31 Jan 2020

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HubSpot Enterprise features update 2020: What’s new in marketing hub

Managing a large database of clients and customers can be a real pain. It’s all too easy to get lost in the complexity of managing an enterprise level marketing automation system, with more tools to get your head around, and so many processes to juggle. 

HubSpot Enterprise however,  is making marketing automation and database management a breeze, and it’s only getting better with the suite of new features added in 2020. With these new features bolstering the Enterprise Marketing Hub’s comprehensive platform, HubSpot provides you with everything you need to increase your marketing productivity and effectiveness.

To help you learn more about how HubSpot Enterprise can help ease your marketing efforts along, here are some of our top new features in 2020. 

Revenue Attribution Reporting

This handy new feature allows you to create a custom multi-touch revenue attribution report. In simple terms, this means that you can link your customer interactions in HubSpot to revenue, allowing you to gain a more detailed understanding of exactly where revenue is being created by your marketing efforts. This helps  you see how your marketing is impacting the bottom line.

This is a really useful new feature, as being able to tie revenue to every marketing action means that you can make better strategic decisions based on real customer data. The icing on the cake is that the Enterprise Marketing Hub does all of this automatically, saving you and your team a great deal of time which can then be allocated to other important tasks, increasing productivity. 


Thanks to HubSpot Enterprise’s new partitioning feature, you can now separate your marketing assets by team as well as by content. This is great, as it means that each HubSpot user can have access to all the assets they need without being too bogged down by less relevant information. 

The main benefit of this new feature is that it allows for a clear, more organised database where it’s easier than ever to find what you need quickly and easily, across all your teams, brands, regions and the like. We believe that organisation is key when it comes to managing your marketing, and this feature makes it easier than ever.

Adaptive Testing

HubSpot Enterprise’s new Adaptive Testing feature takes advantage of Hubspot’s advanced AI to allows users to test up to five variations of a webpage at a time. This means you can analyse how making minor changes to a page affects its performance. 

Not only this, but HubSpot now automatically shows visitors the page that performs the best, meaning you no longer have to worry about manually checking in and changing the live page. This can be a great time saver, as well as an easy way to optimise your website without worrying about negatively impacting the effectiveness of your page.

This means you can test the performance of page elements like web page copy, CTAs, and different types of media. We believe that AI is the future of marketing, and by using it to optimse your conversion paths, you can effectively drive better performance on your website, with less work!

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Account-Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) software is one of the latest features Enterprise Marketing Hub designed to ease handling of complex sales processes. Naturally, we think this is one of the most useful new HubSpot features, as users can now run powerful ABM campaigns more easily than ever before. 

So what does this mean exactly? You can now access information such as  the status of your target accounts, company scoring, out of the box ABM reporting, and ABM properties. This is ideal for strengthening lead generation and helping increase conversion rates, allowing for even better reporting, meaning more valuable insights for you and your team. 

Additionally, this feature provides brand new workflow templates that demonstrate how to use HubSpot for account-based marketing effectively, and allow you to identify common traits that can match companies to your ideal customer profile.

Increase Productivity and Campaign Effectiveness with Enterprise

HubSpot Enterprise is the ideal solution for large businesses who need to manage a lot of customers. The package provides a comprehensive suite of features which allow you to effectively manage and organize complex databases with great user accessibility. The Enterprise Marketing Hub also allows you to automate key marketing processes, increasing your team’s productivity. However, if you find that you don’t need all of these features, HubSpot professional could be a more viable option for you.

All of these features (both pre existing and new) enable you to create successful, effective inbound campaigns on a large scale with ease of use and productivity in mind. 

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