HubSpot Features spotlight: What marketers can expect from the new CMS Hub

HubSpot's new CMS Hub promises great things for marketers. See what you can expect from this powerful CMS in this features spotlight.

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Published: 14 May 2020

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What marketers can expect from the new HubSpot CMS Hub

Less pain, more gain: The all new HubSpot CMS Hub is a game-changer for marketers, everywhere. 

Managing traditional CMSs can often be a complete pain. Whether it’s security worries, performance issues or difficulty scaling your website as you grow, traditional CMSs haven’t exactly made managing a website easy. Often, you’ll find yourself spending too much time on website maintenance issues, regularly contacting a disgruntled developer for help and longing for the days when an internet presence wasn’t a requirement for a successful business.

Sound familiar?

Don’t worry, your pains haven’t gone unnoticed.

Last month saw the announcement of HubSpot’s CMS Hub - the all new and improved CMS that takes the pain out of website management and allows marketers to get back to what they do best - attracting, engaging and delighting their customers. 

But how exactly does CMS Hub do this? Is it any different to the previous CMS? Let’s find out. We’ve taken a look at some of the most innovative, exciting features CMS Hub Professional & Enterprise have to offer, and how they can help marketers better manage their website and subsequently grow their platform. 

CMS Hub Key features for Marketers

Themes - CMS Hub Professional

That’s right - CMS Hub has themes! 

These allow you to use assets such as modules, templates and CSS files to create a customised theme for your entire website - as well as creating a user-friendly content editing experience, where you no longer need to rely on developers to make the smallest changes.

Website Themes

When building your website in CMS Hub, you can either use one of the professional pre-built themes as a starting point, or build a wholly customised theme from the ground up - it’s up to you. With themes, you can make wide-scale changes across your website without the need for a developer and most importantly - without the fear that one small change could destroy your entire website.

Peace of mind, control and ease of editing? Sign us up. 

Check out some of the great websites already built on HubSpot Inspire - with the new CMS Hub, any idea is possible.


Drag and drop page editing - CMS Hub Professional

For those of you who have ever felt the pain of creating a web page that simply refuses to look the way you want it to, we salute you. You may simply want to place an image or CTA into the page, yet this can quickly become an issue when you have to revert to updating your template to make even the simplest of changes.

It’s a headache. And HubSpot knows.

That’s why in the new CMS Hub, even those with little to no experience are able to make changes and tweaks easily with the drag and drop editor. If your website is built using a theme - even better; you’ll be able to make quick changes on a page without having to create multiple different templates, meaning you can make each page look exactly how you want it to. Ahh.


New and improved SEO tools - CMS Hub Professional

Every marketer knows the importance of SEO to get your business heard above the noise. But, as most of us know, it’s a lot easier with help: enter CMS Hub.

With CMS Hub’s SEO tools, you can automatically scan all of your content and get recommendations on how you can optimise it for search engines instantly. This makes it easier than ever to make improvements to your website, and ensure that you keep crawling ever closer to that #1 spot. 


Multi-language page testing - CMS Hub Professional

For businesses operating on an international level, ensuring your website actually works in different languages can be a challenge. Traditionally, marketers and developers may have had to build multiple pages in different languages individually, meaning that these pages aren’t connected and you can’t get accurate analytics or run A/B tests to see how they’re performing. 


However, with CMS Hub, this is no longer an issue. In CMS Hub Professional, multi language pages become linked, and you can gain intelligent insights into how your pages are performing across language variations with A/B testing. In CMS Hub Enterprise, you can even go one step further with adaptive testing. This uses machine learning to test up to five variations of the page you choose automatically, and Hub CMS uses real-time customer behaviour on your website to deliver the best performing version of the page each and every time.


Traffic analytics - CMS Hub Professional

While most CMSs require an outside plugin to track traffic analytics, CMS Hub has its own powerful tool. With traffic analytics, marketers can get access to insightful data which they can then analyse and report on which pages are performing well, and which need improvement. Where separate plugins can make it difficult to to have clarity over this data and take action based on their findings, CMS Hub allows you to gain a better understanding and visibility of your customers, and what pages are resonating with them at the different stages of their buyers journey. Even better - because CMS Hub is linked directly to the HubSpot CRM, you can view all your data in one central location, making it easier to act on your findings.

Traffic Analytics - Pages

These are just a few examples of the innovative and exciting features available in CMS Hub Professional - there are many more. HubSpot also announced a new CMS Hub Enterprise, which offers even more features that not only help take the pain out of website management, but facilitate better business insights, and rapid growth. Let’s take a look at some of the features you can find in CMS Hub Enterprise.

Serverless functions - CMS Hub Enterprise

Servers - the thing we love to hate. They allow us to do cool things on our website such as add calculators, webinars and other fun stuff - but they’re a real pain to manage. That’s because these extras that make our websites more engaging rely on server-side code, which means managing multiple servers.

In CMS Hub Enterprise, you no longer need to deal with the headache of managing endless servers, as you can build powerful web applications that improve the functionality of your website, and allow you to go the extra mile for your customers.


Memberships - CMS Hub Enterprise

Now more than ever, for your content to stand out, it needs to be as personalised as possible, and be tailored to the interests and needs of your target audience. This means providing visitors with recommendations and actions to take based on their previous behaviours, or providing the most loyal customers with exclusive access to premium content.

That’s where memberships come in. Using memberships in the CMS Hub, you can create personalised content tailored to each individual visitor; for example you could recommend further content to visitors based on their previous engagements, or you could even create a page tailored to their interests, such as “my events” or a reading list. With memberships, you’re able to interact with your customers on a whole new level. 

These are just some of the new, game-changing features that CMS Hub has to offer - it doesn’t end there. For a more thorough features breakdown, check out the CMS Hub. For less pain, more gain - CMS Hub is here to make your life easier, and help you grow.

CMS Hub is available in two tiers - Professional and Enterprise. Professional can be purchased for $300/month, and CMS Hub Enterprise for $900/month. With either tier, this is a flat fee. That's right. You don’t have to pay for extra visitors or users, storage or anything else. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Check out CMS Hub

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