Axon Garside returns to new office following months of remote work

After being home for several months, the AG team have moved into a bigger, brighter office! Here's all the info you need to know about our new home.

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Published: 02 Sep 2020

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Axon Garside returns to new office following months of remote work

After what has been a strange few months working from home, the Axon Garside team has finally been reunited in person - in a brand new office!

The move comes as many businesses continue to work remotely, or abandon their offices altogether, with Axon Garside going against the grain after months of operating the business from home - showing that the office life isn’t over just yet. 

Based in the heart of the Northern Quarter creative hub, the new Axon Garside office sees the company return to their stomping grounds from the initial move here in 2016, with the team looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. 

Axon Garside team

“After months of working at home, the new office is a refreshing change - and it’s great to get back to the Northern Quarter (not JUST for the pubs - though that’s great too) and to some sort of normality. It’s strange to be back, but in a really good way! Looking forward to how we move forward from here.” 

Jack Williams, Business Development Manager at Axon Garside

Our new office building echoes a rich industrial history, while embracing the regeneration of the area - with more space for the ever expanding team and an abundance of natural light which will prove invaluable during Manchester’s darker, colder months. 

Speaking of the move, Managing Director, Ian said:

“We considered the move very carefully and asked our team what they wanted to do before we made the decision. It was a given that our team was not just safe, but felt safe too. As a result we have adopted flexible hours and for now at least, the option of working from home. But we felt that the collaboration opportunities, focus and team spirit that are engendered by working together under one roof, made coming back into the office the right move. Little Lever Street is a great space and with our mission to bring a digital focus to sales and marketing in the engineering and manufacturing sectors post COVID-19, it’s the perfect home for our business.”

Axon Garside specialises in all things inbound marketing, sales and web design and is one of only two HubSpot Diamond Partners in the City.

Ian comments:

"We’re seeing demand returning from businesses that have seen the opportunity to re-think how they market and sell their products and services and increasingly want to engage with clients and potential clients online.”

Clients include well-known national and international B2B brands like Enterprise Group, Speedy Hire, Hilti and Sodexo as well as fast-growing SME's from the engineering, tech and professional service sectors. 

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