A day in the life: HubSpot trainer

Ever wonder what a typical day looks like for a HubSpot certified trainer? Find out what Jack’s day looks like in our latest update of ‘a day in the life’.

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Published: 25 Aug 2020

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A day in the life: HubSpot trainer

Carrying out HubSpot training is no easy task. No matter where I go, there are businesses that need help with setting up the CRM, automating sales processes, figuring out how to get the most from the marketing tools, learning the basics of inbound marketing … the list goes on. 

When I have a training day booked in, this is what a typical day looks like for me. 

7am - Set off

Depending on where the training is taking place, I usually set off between 7-8:30am. At Axon Garside, training can be anywhere in the UK, so I have to be prepared to head into Manchester, out into the sticks, or even down to London when training is required. We also do video training, which is a significantly shorter travel time! 

If I’m heading into a city, then public transport is usually my best bet - with our offices so close to Piccadilly, it’s relatively easy to get anywhere in the UK via train. If I’m going somewhere slightly more off the beaten path, I’ll drive. 

10am - Welcome session 

I train hundreds of people a year, so I know how important it is to make a good first impression. A good welcome session can set the tone for the entire training, so we make introductions, and get to know the people that are going to be involved in the day. From a sales perspective, it’s good to understand everyone’s roles, as you can find examples of how the software can help them specifically. The training can also be tweaked to work for their specific business - there’s no need for me to go on about one of HubSpot’s features if it isn’t relevant to their business! 

Creating a good relationship with the team attending also creates a more relaxed atmosphere. Lots of people hear ‘training’ and are immediately transported to their school days, but once the ice is broken and everyone’s had a chance to get to know me, engagement and participation are much more likely to happen. 

10:30 - Kickoff 

Back to business now, as the training officially starts. Usually I start by talking about how the CRM works, explaining Contacts, Companies and Deals, and how they can be used. This is really important and the best place to start because every interaction a prospect has with your business across all marketing and sales is aggregated inside their HubSpot record. It's also what formulates the basis for all reporting. We'll go through how records work, how to manage them, how to create custom properties etc. 

Going through the basics of the CRM and what the properties are is hugely important to set up a base level understanding of how much HubSpot can help grow their business. With the right CRM in place, it’s easy to manage sales pipelines, new prospects, and even customers - all possible through HubSpot. 

12pm - Lunch 

Usually the part everyone is looking forward to! We break for 30 mins - 1 hour, depending on what works best for the team. This is a good chance to catch up again with those in the training session, answer any pressing questions, and most importantly, eat something! 

1pm - Specialised training 

Depending on what is required within the training, at this point I’ll branch off into the relevant information for the business. Usually, clients come to me for help with their sales or marketing, so we’ll go through those. 


If the client is looking for specific sales training, then I’ll go through how the Sales Hub works in more detail, delving into forms, workflows, and sequences to help streamline the sales processes. We’ll discuss deals, how to manage sales opportunities, and detail how lead management can be implemented using automation. In addition to this, I’ll also go through some good examples of sequences, meetings, documents, prospecting tools, and anything else that might be relevant to the client’s business. Further, I’ll remember any questions or concerns that have been raised previously and work to address these with real-life examples and advice. 


The HubSpot Marketing toolset is massive, so this takes up a chunk of time. I’ll run through the tools that allow us to aggregate information in the contact records, like email tools, landing pages, CTAs, forms, Ads, web pages, and more. In addition to explaining how they work, I can also show how they apply to real world usage, with a sample portal to show how you can analyse and optimise performance. Which leads us nicely into our last segment: 

3pm - Reporting

Finally, we’ll finish up with an in-depth discussion on reporting, and how to make sense of the information that HubSpot gives you. Within the software, you can set up dashboards, dig deep into sales, marketing or customer service data, and integrate other tools that you need to get information about how your business is doing, so being able to understand all of that data is a big deal. 

It’s not just about being able to read the reports, either. I’ll take the team through how to create a reporting strategy, how to set up and manage custom reports, as well as show them how to build a dashboard that targets the KPIs they’re looking to monitor. 

4pm - Finish 

Once I’ve taken some questions and helped everyone get a better understanding of what to do with their newfound knowledge, it’s time for me to go! After a few hours of nothing but HubSpot, it’s nice to just chat for a bit before I head home. 

After training 

Once I leave the office, my work isn’t done! It’s time to follow up the training with a quick email to them. I always include my details, any useful resources that I think would be helpful, or that I’ve mentioned during the training, and also explain how HubSpot support works. 

… and that’s it! One successful HubSpot training session. I’ll often find that companies ask me back to refresh the memory of their team, as learning HubSpot is an ongoing process. With new tools like ABM, the new CMS and more launching very recently, it’s easy to fall behind on your HubSpot know-how; exactly why training sessions like these are so important. 

More than this, HubSpot training offers a chance to discuss goals, strategy, and specific product questions to someone who has plenty of experience with the software, something that plenty of my clients appreciate. 

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