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B2B lead generation

Our business is focused around generating sales leads that your sales teams will actually want to call.

In the past buyers had to speak to sales to inform themselves about solutions, and products. Today they use the web to answer these questions. 78% of B2B buyer journeys now start online. More and more pre-purchase research is carried out through the web before B2B buyers speak to potential suppliers.

So it's natural that the most effective B2B lead generation is now carried out through the web.

Get found and guide rather than interrupt and irritate

We apply a four stage approach to B2B lead generation, measuring results at each stage using HubSpot integrated marketing software. This provides our clients with a totally transparent view of their marketing and gives us the information to improve all the moving parts of the marketing mix to get the best possible ROI.

Sharing content to attract visitors to your website

First your content must be found by potential buyers so we make sure that we use the words your customers use but we also share it in online discussion forums, LinkedIn Groups, third party websites and blogs through posts and comments that link back to your website.

Calls to action

At this stage your new website visitors are anonymous so we need to give them a reason to give you their contact information. We do that through 'calls to action’. These provide readers with an intuitive link from blogs and website pages through to ‘lead-capture pages’. These offer a directly relevant piece of downloadable content to take the visitor to the next stage of their buyer journey.

Download our B2B Lead Generation Website Checklist

Lead-capture (or landing) pages

A lead capture page has only one focus: to capture the readers’ contact information. They sell the value of the downloadable content being offered to persuade the reader to volunteer their contact details including their email address in exchange for the content offered.

The design of the landing page, the quality of the copywriting but above all the relevance of the offer to your buyer persona all play their part in determining the effectiveness of the lead-capture page. That’s our job.

Closing the lead with marketing automation

Only 4% of website visitors are ready to buy. That’s fine because the earlier in the buying cycle that you capture a lead’s data the more chance you have of converting them into a sales qualified lead, an opportunity and a sale.

But it does mean that you need more content to guide your lead through the buyer journey and to draw them closer to your product or service. We plan and write lead-nurture campaigns, building up a picture of the lead by tracking the pages they read and the content that they consume, creating bespoke forms at every stage to find out more about them and lead-scoring so that we can judge just the right moment to hand a lead over to sales.

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