8 Best B2B Website Homepage Examples

We have put together 8 best B2B website homepage examples and explain what they are doing well to inspire your website design venture.

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Published: 22 Feb 2021

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8 Best B2B Website Homepage Examples

The digital world is a busy place, especially for the business-to-business sector. So, having a homepage that looks and performs well becomes not only a necessity for your brand image but also an important sales tool. The online competition out there is fierce, where control over the buying process has very much shifted to the buyer. The website has become a tool that aims at capturing the buyer at different stages of their funnel journey

A successful design of a B2B website design includes a number of different components, such as setting out a marketing strategy, competitors research, keyword research, mapping user journeys and the sitemap, before reaching the destination of the actual design. 

We have reviewed some of the B2B website homepage designs on the market that are doing it right. 

Table of Contents:

  1. Best Companies
  2. Salesforce
  3. Hotjar
  4. LeanIX
  5. Resource Guru
  6. SSD Nodes
  7. Asana
  8. Axon Garside

Best Companies


Best Companies Homepage Capture
Best Companies are specialists in workplace engagement and employee engagement based in the UK. Their homepage is a good example of user interface and user experience design done well. The visual elements of the website provide an effective operation and control of the homepage from the user perspective, easing them into the decision-making process. The navigation bar is simple to navigate and the company has put in the focus on the user through proper research and user mapping journey.




Salesforce Homepage Capture

Salesforce offers CRM software and cloud computing solutions to businesses across the globe. We’re a HubSpot house so we probably shouldn’t be praising the competition but they get things right here. What makes their homepage web design ideal is the use of iconography, particularly under their products page navigation. The use of large, eye-catching CTA in the navigation and prominent contact details entice the users with a modern and current UI and UX design strategy. The homepage is compact and contains easy to find navigational items and a helpful mega menu.


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Hotjar Homepage Capture

Hotjar offers a tool that helps its customers analyse their visitors behaviour through proving heatmaps that show where people look and click on the site. Hotjar’s homepage design has impressive micro-interactions in the dynamic image at the top of the page that allows users to explore different features of their tool. Proving product shots and short demos of your product on the homepage is certainly a good technique to attract your customers who are considering your product. The big, blog and engaging titles are very eye-catching and the site incorporates social proof evidence which offer new users evidence from existing customers and their experience with the brand.




LeanIX Homepage Capture

LeanIX are software providers of architecture management and cloud governance for enterprises that need to manage a complex IT landscape. They very bravely use bold and interactive imagery on the homepage. The homepage integrates simple, yet effective UI and UX that do not cause over-cognitive load for the user. The design integrates great use of micro interactions and the navigation items are easy to find in the mega menu optimising the user journey through the home page. The homepage makes the user journey process look very simple with short paragraphs and snappy titles.


Resource Guru


Resource Guru App Homepage Capture

Resource Guru are a UK based company that provides resource management and planning software and from the get go the home page presents social proof of their products in form of video and reference to companies who use Resource Guru. The homepage utilities bold and dynamic design aesthetic and great use of micro-interactions.


SSD Nodes


SSD Nodes Homepage Capture

SSD Nodes are a VPS cloud hosting provider that deploy and save on cloud servers for their customers. Their homepage uses bold images and illustrations to keep the user interested and engaged. The page presents transparent pricing information, social proofing and guide downloads. They offer simple but detailed product processes within their homepage design.




Asana Homepage Capture

Asana offers a project management tool to their customers that allows them to stay organised and connected between the teams working on various tasks. The design of their homepage is dynamic with simple images that add space and give a clean site experience. The large and engaging titles grab the user's attention combined with the product shots and short demos. There are interesting and playful micro-interactions and social proof evidence. The product examples are simple and offer the users an idea of what they will get from this project management tool.


AXON garside


Screenshot 2021-06-03 11.00.02
As a UK based B2B marketing agency, we know the importance of having a powerful homepage! Since becoming a HubSpot Diamond Partner, our striking, minimalist homepage has significantly grown to accommodate the different services we offer. Whether it's CRM, sales, or marketing, potential prospects can scroll through sliders, see our results through stand-out sections, and view our impressive stats to see how we can help grow their business. Offering a range of services to companies in sectors across the country, our simple, dynamic website gives users a clear idea of what they can achieve with our help.

Getting your homepage right, like the wider website, can be difficult. We’ve developed hundreds of effective B2B websites in our time. This has given us a wealth of experience to understand what good looks like.

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Successful B2B Website Design


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