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HubSpot Onboarding

Remote setup, training and implementation to ensure you get the most out of HubSpot - from the start.

Only £1,800

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Get up-and-running with HubSpot, the right way.

Effective, tailored HubSpot onboarding for your business.

As one of the first HubSpot partners in the UK, we specialise in helping our clients generate quality sales opportunities. While a lot of those businesses already had HubSpot, many weren't always getting the most - or best - out of their shiny new system.

That's why we've created a 10-week, remote onboarding programme - so businesses can get the most out of HubSpot right from the start.


What's included in Axon Garside's £1,800 onboarding?

Dedicated Inbound Marketing Consultant with experience developing, delivering and optimising hands-on inbound marketing campaigns, through HubSpot.

Help developing an inbound marketing game-plan, including buyer personas, buyer journeys, lead generation tactics, content creation, and more!

HubSpot technical setup, including Basic portal setup including time zones, tracking codes, user management, social integrations, software integrations, etc.

HubSpot CRM customisation featuring help with setting up custom fields, reports, dashboards, user views, task automation, and more.
HubSpot contact import and assistance with migrating your database from another CRM.

Take a look at what you'll learn  See agenda >

What's included in HubSpot's £2,450 onboarding?

HubSpot Implementation Specialist: A software specialist, who doesn't conduct Inbound Marketing campaigns on a daily basis, but does understand the software.

Technical Setup Assistance: You will receive advice and assistance as you set up your portal.

Advice on integrations: Your Implementation Specialist will give you guidance on integrating your existing system with HubSpot.

Support with executing one inbound campaign within HubSpot.

Resources from the HubSpot support and customer success teams.

Why is Axon Garside's Onboarding cheaper than HubSpot's?

We could dress up the fact we wanted to be competitive, or that we're running a limited-time offer, but the truth is - we're not. 

Our onboarding packages are cheaper than HubSpot's because for every new HubSpot customer we onboard, we receive a 20% commission of your HubSpot software license. This doesn't affect how much you spend - it's given to us by HubSpot.

You'll get access to a HubSpot partner, with real-world experience in developing and executing inbound marketing campaigns for a range of businesses, using HubSpot.


Our 10-week onboarding programme is delivered through a series of 1-hour web conferences. Here's an example of how we guide you through to HubSpot heaven:

- Prior to Kick-Off -

Account Setup & Technical Setup

 Invite your team
Setup your domain settings
Install the HubSpot tracking code and filter out your internal traffic
Setup your email CAN-SPAM
Import your contacts into HubSpot
Import your marketing opt-out lists
Configure email types
Connect your social accounts
Consider integrations


- Week 1 - 

Buyer Personas

Identify ideal customers
Learn and create buyer personas
Creating Buyer Personas & Adding to HubSpot

- Week 2 - 

Buyer's Journey

How to define a company's buyer journey
Map a persona's buying journey
Define stages of the customer lifecycle

- Week 3 - 

Lead Generation in HubSpot

Consult on business goals and priorities
Create custom contact properties and edit existing ones
Create and embed your lead collection forms in your website
Setup leadflows
Create lists to segment your leads
Identify segments you want to focus on

- Week 4 - 

Email Marketing

List out existing emails currently being sent
Re-create emails in HubSpot
Learn email best practices
Learn to promote content (a blog or landing page) via email

- Week 5 - 

Automate Your Process

Determine what processes can be automated
Set up workflows and follow up
How to do email nurturing
Build your first workflow
Review your automation

- Week 6 - 

Content Creation and Social Sharing

Create a content strategy in HubSpot
Learn about topic clusters
Identify a core topic and subtopics
Learn blogging best practices
Configure blog subscriber updates
Create social monitoring streams
Schedule social posts

- Week 7 - 

Conversion Path

Identify at least one content offer
Build out landing pages + thank you pages
Use CTAs to drive conversions
Determine distribution strategy

- Week 8 - 

Smart Content

Create smart content pages 
Use smart CTAs and content 
Create smart content in emails 
Curate your customer's smart content journey 

- Week 9 - 


Discuss business objectives and current KPIs
Identify reporting goals
Set up dashboards and custom reports
Create cross object reporting
Understand the different reports in HubSpot

- Week 10 - 

Lead Scoring & Alignment

Define explicit and implicit actions of a lead
Prioritise based on leads and set up scoring
Discuss optimisations to current process based on existing data
Discuss best practices around sales, services and marketing alignment

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