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2020 - 06 - Axon Garside - Ebook - How to create the perfect buyer persona

Download the free guide for IT resellers: How to create the perfect buyer persona.



Without a clear indication of who your prospects are, it’s difficult to consistently create content that resonates with them and solves their pains. Yet you’d be surprised how many businesses don’t know who their customers are. Which means a lot of wasted money on marketing that has to rely on plain old luck.

Smart content marketing strategy begins with a buyer persona. And this is especially true in the competitive IT reseller market, where it’s no longer possible to market on product alone.

So how do you identify who you’re talking to & what they want to hear?

Download our FREE guide to creating the perfect buyer persona now and learn:

  • Why you need effective personas
  • How personas shape your content marketing strategy
  • Why you shouldn't use vendor personas
  • How to conduct persona research
  • How to link your personas pains to your USP and create content that customers love