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6 tips for the perfect landing page

At the heart of any great inbound marketing campaign, there is a great landing page. This is true for thousands of businesses across the globe - is it true for yours? 

Creating a good landing page is about more than just chucking a form and a headline on a page - you need to make sure that it has been crafted with the site visitor in mind. It’s tricky to get the formula right without testing constantly, but luckily for you, we’ve put together six top tips on creating the perfect landing page. 

Simplify the navigation 

When someone arrives on your landing page, your main goal is to keep them there. If there’s a menu, complete with all of your posts, services, and about information, then you run the risk of distracting your visitors away from the main focus of the landing page - the form, and the supporting information for it. Keep your navigation simple, clean, and fitting with the style of the page. 

Don’t overdo your design 

Too many landing pages try to cram too much information onto one page, causing a distracting experience. Best case scenario - your site visitor reads everything on the page and then decides there’s no point submitting the form. Worst case scenario - the page looks like an old-school spam page, and your potential customer nopes straight away from your site. Keep your landing pages clean, simple, and cleverly use short-form content to make the offer seem attractive. 

Consider the language you use 

How many forms have you seen that just say ‘submit’? Studies have shown that using more active language, or personal touches, can really impact your conversion rate. Try using phrases like ‘get my download’, or ‘I want a free guide’ to make the offer seem a little more exciting. This goes for your landing page copy, too - you should be using language that makes your reader excited about what your company has to offer. When someone gets to your landing page, you’ve got seconds to keep them there, so keep your pitch short, your titles snappy, and proof, proof, proof your copy! 

Relevancy is key 

This seems simple, but it’s a rule that is ignored time and time again - make sure that your landing page is relevant to whatever your site visitor clicked. Whether you’re using landing pages for Google Ads, or for CTAs on your own site, you need to be clear about what is being offered, and make sure that it lines up with the original ad or CTA. For PPC, showing an irrelevant landing page can cause your advert to be marked down or even rejected, and using irrelevant landing pages on your website can cause visitors to lose trust  in your business. 

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Include a human element 

One thing that we all like to see is a recommendation. Whether it’s online reviews, or even advice from a friend, consumers like to see that what they’re getting has actually been tried and tested by someone else. This isn’t just true for products - your landing pages can also benefit from a testimonial or quote. If your landing page is promoting a piece of content, try reaching out for feedback from people who have previously downloaded it. If they enjoyed it, these are great quotes for your page. If they think it can be improved, then you’ve got some great notes to make your content offering even better. 

Keep your buyer personas in mind

This is important for all aspects of an inbound marketing campaign, but is something that isn’t always considered in terms of landing pages. This is a mistake - every page that you write and design should have your persona in mind, and if you can align what you’re offering to what your specific audience is looking for, then you’ve got the perfect landing page. Are you targeting high flyers with little time to read content? Keep the pitch short and enable progressive form fields that save their previous information. Targeting a more cautious persona who likes to have all the answers? Pre-empt their questions by including an FAQ section, and consider adding an extra field to the form for any additional comments or questions. This is a small tip, but it’s the most important in terms of boosting your conversions. 

And there you have it - follow these rules and you’re well on the way to creating a perfect landing page! With some tweaks, you can boost your conversions massively, turning more visitors into leads, and leads into customers. However, landing pages are only one part of a full lead generation strategy - download our guide below to really transform your website into a lead generation machine. The best part - it’s completely free. 

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