8 SaaS Marketing Twitter Accounts you Should Follow

Looking for some SaaS marketing inspiration? Here are our hand-picked SaaS Twitter accounts you must follow!

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Published: 11 Sep 2015

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8 SaaS Marketing Twitter Accounts you Should Follow

SaaS marketing is typically complex in nature. According to Hubspot, 84% of marketers use social media in some form, yet some struggle to effectively humanise their brand and translate their service for a social media audience. However, help is at hand! For those of you who are looking for some inspiration, or simply want to stay ahead of the latest SaaS trends, we’ve handpicked our top SaaS Twitter accounts you must follow! 

1. @HubSpot

The original pioneers of inbound marketing, HubSpot’s Twitter account was destined to stand out from the crowd. This social media account dispels the theory that B2B marketing can’t be fun, sharing creative guides to help marketers inject some imagination into formulaic marketing strategies. Refreshingly, HubSpot’s SaaS marketing strategy doesn’t take itself too seriously, breaking up posts promoting strategic guides with funny memes and GIFs. A must follow account for inbound advocates who have hit a brick wall in their marketing strategy.


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2. @salesforce

Salesforce is arguably the biggest CRM in the world, with over 262,000 Twitter followers. Its tweets help to simplify the process of managing data and business operations online, and share helpful advice from industry insiders on harnessing more sales and achieving better results. Furthermore, Salesforce keeps its followers informed on the latest upcoming business events such as Dreamforce, with helpful advice on getting the most out of them. 

3. @Kissmetrics

There are literally thousands of analytical services out there for businesses, so what makes Kissmetrics’ SaaS marketing strategy stand out from the competition? This Twitter account is a nirvana of helpful guides, e-books and general advice on achieving the results that matter, such as maintaining high sales and increasing order value. 

4. @SproutSocial

As a social media management tool, Sprout Social’s Twitter account is naturally chatty! Every Wednesday, #sproutchat focuses on a new topic with insights provided by industry leaders. This Twitter chat is invaluable for those looking to further their knowledge of social media marketing and seek advice from the best in the business.

5. @NetSuiteEMEA

Looking for the latest ERP news and insights? Then NetSuite’s Twitter is an account you should definitely follow. NetSuite curates educational content from reputable sources, sharing predictions and insightful interviews from the best in the industry. This makes it an invaluable resource for those wanting to stay in the know. 

6. @LogMeIn

Cloud file management software LogMeIn is a prime example of B2B humanisation done right. The Twitter account offers personal insights into the company, announcing new team members, involvement in the community and award ceremonies. While this doesn’t necessarily help to promote the value of its service, LogMeIn successfully create a real human voice that followers can engage with on a personal level, ultimately making a sale more likely in the future.

7. @Oracle

Oracle offers an exhaustive variation of cloud solutions, making it impossible to focus on the specifics. Instead, Oracle’s Twitter profile focuses on the bigger picture – the emergence of cloud-based technology and how businesses can adapt and thrive to changes. This is an exciting account to follow if you’re statistics-orientated and intrigued by the potential that technology offers. 

8. @ariba

Cloud collaboration software Ariba offers a refreshing change from the typical stats-heavy, promotional social media content which is common in SaaS marketing. Ariba takes an interesting approach, focusing on how technology is helping to resolve worldwide issues such as slavery and global economic problems. Ideal for followers who take an interest in current affairs.  

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