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B2B websites that are all about ROI

Did you know that 68% of companies redesign their website every 12 months, only to leave one in three of them unhappy with the results? (source: The Science of Website Redesign, Hubspot 2011)

Online Marketing Strategy

Part of the problem is that many companies redesign their websites for the wrong reasons. Some decide they want a new corporate look and feel, while others might be under pressure from senior management to create a site that compares with a competitor’s.

These reasons ignore the most important result you can get from a new website – significantly increased ROI. When you ask us to create a website for you, we keep ROI at the forefront of your strategy, and create an online presence that:

  • Gets found by potential customers – thanks to clean site coding and strong SEO, blogging and content marketing strategies
  • Converts a high proportion of your visitors into leads – by using strong calls to action and high-converting landing pages and forms
  • Improves the perception of your brand – delivering both logical and emotional reasons for prospects to choose you over your competitors
  • Is measurable – and gives you key metrics that allow you to get found by more visitors, convert more of them into leads, and effectively nurture those leads until they become prospects and customers.

Website Design at Axon Garside:

Axon Garside websites are designed under the supervision of an award-winning creative designer, and each page layout is driven by the goal of usability – making it easy for visitors to find what they want, to subscribe, to enquire and to buy.

But most importantly, we deliver websites that create a beating heart for your digital marketing campaigns. Whether you are trying to draw in visitors, or bring leads further down your sales funnel and engage customers, the functionality we build into your site makes it easy, effective and measurable.

And if you want the most detailed insight and effective conversion strategies available, we can integrate your website with the acclaimed Hubspot digital marketing platform – ensuring that every pound you invest in your online presence delivers the maximum possible return.

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