How to use content marketing to become a thought leader

2020 - 05 - Axon Garside - Ebook - Thought Leader with Content

Want to put yourself in an exceptionally strong position to beat your competitors and win more business?


If you want to start attracting high quality leads, you need to become a thought leader within your industry. Someone known as an authority in their field. Someone who uses their extensive knowledge and experience to help and inspire others.
And to do that you need to leverage content marketing.
Good content can be the difference between attracting a lead and turning one away, and if you're using your knowledge and expertise to provide valuable, actionable advice and information about your subject, then it's likely that your prospects will turn to you for guidance. If you're a thought leader, you are automatically the number one choice when your customer wants to purchase - it's a valuable position to be in. 

This guide covers:

  • How to determine the right content format and tone of voice for your audience
  • How to use collaboration, guest posting and other experts for maximum authority and awareness
  • Picking the best online channels so that your content is not like a tree falling in a forest where no one is around to hear it
  • Hacks to keep your content relevant and newsworthy


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