The Inbound Marketing Planner

2020 - 06 - Axon Garside - Inbound marketing planner (1)

This planner provides a roadmap to plan an inbound marketing strategy, and illustrates the approach, resources and skills required to implement that strategy.


To carry out a successful marketing strategy, you need to have a plan in place. Without a content plan, an understanding of your goals, and knowledge of the time and resources that you need to carry out your strategy, you've failed before you've even started. 
Our inbound marketing planner is designed to help you do this, complete with a content calendar, defining your personas and goals, and even a sheet for you to carry out in-depth competitor analysis. It's everything you need to plan out your inbound strategy effectively. 

Our B2B Inbound Marketing Planner will show you how to:

  • Put together a B2B inbound marketing plan that will help you achieve your sales and marketing goals.
  • Conduct an in-depth competitor analysis
  • Set out your key metrics, and establish what your sales and marketing goals are
  • Define your buyer personas
  • Build an SEO strategy
  • Develop a content calendar