Everything you need to know about cloud-based CRM

2020 - 05 - Axon Garside - Ebook - Cloud CRM Guide

Not getting the most from your current on-premise solution? Our guide tells you everything you need to know about cloud-based CRMs, including how they differ from old school on-premise systems, how secure they are, and more.



What's inside?

This guide covers the essentials that you need to know before moving to a new cloud CRM. We’ve tackled some commonly asked questions about security, data sharing, and ease of use, as well as included a rundown of our top 5 CRMs for maximum efficiency. 
We'll help you identify where your business can really make a change, and advise you on how best to proceed with a new CRM migration. It’s not just about storing lead data - your CRM is the backbone of your business, and should be adaptable, usable, and scalable.