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2020 - 06 - Axon Garside - Ebook - Website Project Checklist

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If you're thinking of redesigning your B2B website, you know that it's more than just wanting a fresh new look.

You want your website to effectively attract new visitors and then successfully convert them into sales-ready leads. However, before you get your website redesign off the ground, you also need to consider the time and resources needed for every aspect of the project.

This checklist will help you understand exactly what you need to consider when redesigning your website. 

Unsure what might be required from your B2B website redesign project?

Our checklist will help you to:

  • Understand your requirements when it comes to website content
  • Determine whether your website redesign is part of a larger re-brand or a simple facelift
  • See whether you require ongoing maintenance for your website redesign and the management process post go-live