create the perfect B2B blog post

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Our free template has been created to help you craft B2B blog posts that will engage your audience, draw in leads, and target your content effectively.



We've created this helpful template to get you started on creating informative, useful B2B blog posts. From creating your buyer personas to structuring the perfect conclusion, the template can help you to boost and improve your current strategy, and ensure that your B2B blogging is engaging, and never boring! 

“We've been really pleased with the very rapid improvement in the traffic and leads generated, and the increasing quality of contacts.”

Damian Sullivan - CEO. Clear Business Outcome


Why do I need to fill in my details?

We always keep your information safe, and we use your information to personalise our website to your needs. We also send the template via email - tricky to do if we don't have this info! 

Wait, is this really free?

Yep! We're committed to providing useful, actionable tips for B2B companies, and we know that crafting great content is essential for lead generation. This is the template we use for our own blogs, and we think it's so good that we just have to share. 

What's included in the template?

We've outlined all of the information that you need to get cracking with a truly excellent B2B blog post, including which persona it's targeting, what pain it is addressing, and more. What's more, our content team have included tips on creating an opening paragraph that wows, a punchy title, and more!