Turn your B2B website into a lead generation machine

2020 - 06 - Axon Garside - Ebook - 15 B2B Website Must-haves

15 B2B website must-haves to attract, convert and close high-quality leads.



These 15 B2B website must-haves will help you:

Capture your prospects' attention

How to use and position content to capture the interest of the people you want sell to

Get more out of your internet presence

How to use social media to tie your website into a wider digital footprint

Generate more relevant visitors and leads

How to use content, forms, landing pages and calls-to-action to attract and convert more of the people you want to sell to

“We've been really pleased with the very rapid improvement in the traffic and leads generated, and the increasing quality of contacts.”

Damian Sullivan - CEO. Clear Business Outcome