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New Website Generating a 906% Increase in Leads


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Diving Deep Into Their User Journey

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Renowned property surveyor and consultancy firm Pennington Choices needed a new website to enhance their underperforming direct sales channel. Despite decent website traffic, lead generation proved challenging, with only 50 new contacts from 10,708 web sessions in the last quarter of 2021.

In response, we conducted a thorough analysis of their buying scenario, delving deep into their direct sales dynamics and understanding their target audience. This process allowed us to map out an effective buyer's journey and design a sitemap tailored to each stage.

We then identified the best keywords to rank for each page and proceeded to create the content and develop their new website that resonated with their target audience.

Since the launch of its new website in April 2022, Pennington has experienced remarkable results, generating 503 new leads within 180 days, which is a 906% increase. The successful execution of an inbound campaign also played a pivotal role, influencing a substantial £1.19 million in revenue.

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