HubSpot COS development

The HubSpot CMS allows the easy creation of website pages that are connected to its powerful analysis system to create lead generating content

We’re proud HubSpot COS developers with our entire team of designers and developers having passed the HubSpot Design Certification and capable of creating website pages, landing pages, calls to action, email and blog templates in the HubSpot Content Optimization System.

We have many years of experience of creating custom responsive templates in WordPress, and we’ve worked hard since the launch of COS to transfer and replicate this experience into custom solutions on the HubSpot CMS platform.

COS is the complete deal. It’s still quite a young content management system, but it replaced the old CMS from which the developers had leart an awful lot about what does, and doesn’t make a great CMS. In addition all the developers were massive fans of various content management systems, and you can see in the system how they’ve replicated a lot of the functionality of those systems in the COS platform.

COS offers a fantastic in browser live editing system, the ultimate WYSIWYG editor where you can see instantly your changes on the screen before you publish them live. It’s so simple but so effective and can really help your workflow.

HubSpot always do a brilliant job of the user interface on their site, it’s really user friendly, suitable for people of all experiences and abilities when it comes to editing websites. But what if you want to push the boundaries and create something more technical?

That’s where we come in. If you look at our portfolio of sites we’ve created on the HubSpot platform, you’ll see our integrations of hero images, third party sliders and repeatable code blocks. These are all powered by custom modules which we’ve developed to work seamlessly with any HubSpot template and can be plug and play integrated into your site, as well as being expanded and edited to suit any application required.

As well as being experts in HubSpot COS development we’re experts in JavaScript and jQuery development, and have used this expertise to build powerful templates that are still ridiculously easy to update and maintain, even setting up solutions that allow for data to be pulled from external documents to display on the site, expanding the number of people in your team with an easy way of updating information on your site, keeping it fresh and up to date.

Why not benefit from what is a fantastic automated marketing tool in HubSpot, integrated by a team with real experience of creating successful, dynamic and converting sites in HubSpot COS.

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