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Content marketing is a core element of B2B inbound marketing, helping companies to get found by more relevant website visitors, converting more of those visitors into leads by gating content offers behind contact forms and nurturing leads until they are sales-ready prospects through automated email.

The creation of quality content is also one of the biggest challenges facing B2B marketers.

Differentiate your business from competitors

In B2B markets, people buy from people. That’s why so many companies tell potential customers that they are the experts in their field.

Online content gives companies the opportunity to differentiate themselves from competitors and build trust with buyers by demonstrating their expertise through blog articles, downloadable ebooks, slide-decks, infographics, videos, handy online tools and practical checklists and tip-sheets.

The job of our team of writers and inbound consultants is to tap into and publish the expertise that has won and kept your clients in the past to establish you as a though-leader in the future.

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B2B buyers have gone online

Good content aligns a business’s marketing to the way that business to business customers now use the web to research and buy complex goods and services.

It answers the questions that buyers have at every stage of the buying journey as they research problems, identify potential solutions and shortlist suppliers online - all before they speak to anyone in sales.

We match the content style and format of what we write to your customers and publish and promote it in the places where they look for information We make sure that we answer the information needs of the buyer as they work their way through the buyer journey.

Our content marketing service

This is our tried and tested approach to creating B2B content marketing that works:
1 | Plan

1 | Plan

Who are your best potential customers, how do you help them and where do they go for information? What words do they use? The answers to these questions go into a content plan with clear measurable goals and timelines

2 | Execute

2 | Execute

We write purposeful content that will engage your target audience in formats that suit their information needs. Our designers create online-friendly, brand consistent pieces with lost of ways for readers to engage further

3 | Share

3 | Share

We’ll have used the right language (keywords) to maximise the chances of your content being found but we’ll also ‘share’ it through channels appropriate to your audience, like LinkedIn, Facebook or SlideShare

4 | Measure and optimise

4 | Measure and optimise

We use the HubSpot suite of marketing tools to measure readership, engagement and conversion rates of every part of the content plan. That means that we can test and improve every element against best in class benchmarks

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