B2B Branding

Logic gets you shortlisted. Brand gets you bought.

There’s a mantra that b2b branding doesn’t matter because businesses buy on logic.

The only problem is that, in today’s multichannel world, the buyers are bombarded with logic – statistics, features, specifications, benefits and more. In among all the noise, there’s one thing that brings clarity and reassurance and willingness to buy – and that’s brand.

Why else would people be willing to premium for your goods and services if they can buy more cheaply elsewhere?

What is B2B branding?

Building a B2B brand is about building recognition. It’s about making your name recognisable and your messaging, preferred and trusted by individuals in your target markets and among your current customers. The goodwill associated with your brand is what brings customers to your door instead of your competitors’.

A modern B2B brand is about a lot more than a logo and a visual identity, although it’s important to get them right it is all to do with marketing strategy. It’s about creating a united voice across digital marketing and offline channels, giving customers an integrated, consistent and rewarding experience, no matter how they interact with your business.

Our work is led by an award-winning creative director. We can help you create:

  • Logos and straplines – for instant brand recognition
  • Complete visual identities – creating detailed brand guidelines that cover everything from colour usage and typography right through to website and print templates
  • Tone-of-voice guidelines – bringing brand consistency and character to your written and spoken communications, from corporate brochures to company tweets
  • Corporate stationery and electronic templates – from business cards and letterhead to boilerplate PowerPoint presentations and email signatures

Emotional engagement is just as important in the B2B world as it is when selling direct to consumers. We’ll help your prospects use logic to shortlist you, and develop brands that’ll make them choose you.

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